Ääni & Vimma is the biggest and best-known band arena for young people in Finland. Ääni & Vimma offers young musicians between the ages of 15 and 25 an opportunity to be thrust into the limelight while gaining valuable performance experience and receiving feedback from the crème de la crème of music industry. The registration for the event starts on 1st September 2014 on the Ääni & Vimma website.

The Ääni & Vimma arena welcomes all bands and artists without a recording contract. The event has a maximum limit of 140 bands.

Ääni & Vimma kicks off with the bands showcasing their talents on four arenas in the metropolitan area: in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. The event culminates with the semi-final in Nosturi followed by the final on the stage of Cultural Arena Gloria.

First and foremost, Ääni & Vimma offers bands a chance to perform in front of a live audience and a jury that represents versatile fields of music. All the bands participating in the band arena receive both written and oral feedback from a panel of music industry professionals. In addition to fame and glory, the winners and runners-up are awarded studio time, gigs and gift cards.

This year, the audience has a chance to influence which bands reach the semi-final and the final. The audience gets to vote for their favourite in October. All four band arenas will be filmed, and the broadcasts will be available online for one week after every arena and again on voting week.